Platinum Series

JANESCO Travel’s Platinum Tours are designed for our customers to not only catch the country at its best as the seasons change, but also to enjoy a level of luxury that only Japan can offer.

Experience a proper Kyoto style Kaiseki multi-course dinner at a traditional restaurant with the accompaniment of a young geisha and a special traditional dance performance just for JANESCO tour members

Stay in the best hotels, experience luxury lakeside and mountain resorts and enjoy exquisite meals. Dine at Iron Chef and Michelin restaurants and also savour the enchanting local cuisines.

Tour Itineraries and Brochures

Read more about our tours below. We have Gourmet Platinum tours in both the Japanese Spring and Autumn.

Click on the “Brochure” button to download a printable brochure of the tour of your choice.

Platinum Tours


16 Day Gourmet and Cherry Blossom Tour – 30th Mar ’12 Brochure
16 Day Gourmet and Cherry Blossom Tour – Apr ’12  
13 Day Gourmet and Cherry Blossom Tour – Apr ’12 Brochure
13 Day Gourmet and Autumn Tour – 24th Nov ’11 Brochure
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